Tom & Julie Bolser

Tom grew up in West Kalimantan, Indonesia where his parents were missionaries.  Julie grew up as a child of MAF missionaries in Zaire, Africa for 8½ years. Tom and Julie met in Indonesia when Julie served as a short-term teacher’s aide for three years with MAF at the mission school in Wamena, Papua, and then four months homeschooling two boys in Aceh.  They have 4 children-Christopher, Elizabeth, Brennan & Annalise.

Merauke, Indonesia

  • Located in the province of Papua
  • Considered the easternmost city in Indonesia

Mission Focus:  MAF flights support indigenous churches and local evangelists, create access to medical care, provide disaster relief, and make community development projects possible in some of the most remote places on earth

Tom’s main responsibilities have included flying the amphibious float plane, serving as base manager at Merauke, and supervising routine maintenance of the airplane. This summer he will start his role as Chief Pilot.

  • Skype: tomandjulie1
  • 208-498-0800
  • Sending Agency: Mission Aviation Fellowship