Care Ministries

We often call our Care Ministry “Span of Care” because we span a wide range of opportunities to help people. This ministry team is acutely aware that we are in the people business! Here’s a list of some of the ministry areas that we cover:

Cards of Encouragement Team

This Ministry mails cards or notes to people who could use a word of encouragement or prayer.

Counseling Team

This team meets with individuals, couples and families to assess needs and to provide guidance, encouragement, assistance and/or referrals from a faith-based, non-licensed, perspective. Includes personal, marital, pre-marital, relational, spiritual, blended family, grief, trauma, parenting and financial counseling.

Grief Release

Five-week workshops for adults and teens to help them find hope and healing in the midst of loss.

Grief Release

Meals of Love Team

This Ministry provides and delivers meals on a temporary basis for people or families navigating illness or crisis.

Senior Help

Lake City’s Senior Help Ministry is a way for us to make a difference by sharing God’s love in the lives of seniors. This ministry provides meaningful volunteer opportunities for people in our church and community to help seniors who need support because of loneliness, grief, illness, or disability.

Servant’s Heart Team

This Ministry provides meals for funeral and memorial services held at Lake City on an as needed basis.

Support Groups

Various support groups form as both needs and qualified leadership arise.

Visitation Team

This Ministry involves visiting people in hospitals, care centers, or in their homes, providing the “gift” of their time and presence.

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