The Communications team is responsible for communicating our values and vision inside and outside the four walls of the church building. We use a number of media to accomplish the task, including the Lake City website and social media, publications, as well as videos, graphic design and photo images used during the weekend messages.  If you’re interested in sharing your talents and time in the following areas, we’d love to talk to you.

Take a look below to see descriptions of the areas in which you might use your talents to serve:

Graphic Artists

Graphic Artists at Lake City provide fresh, creative graphic support for everything from logos to series titles, touch cards to publications, and any other medium where graphic images can convey their intended message.

Page Layout

Page Layout people  combine graphic images and text for layout into publications, posters, booklets, etc.


Photographers  provide documentary support for a number of Lake City events and church life. Images are delivered in digital format, usually via services such as Dropbox.


Videographers  provide documentary support for a number of Lake City events and church life. They also help to promote upcoming events through video announcements and participate in spacial interest videos shown during the weekend services such as interviews with ministry participants and “man on the street” interviews.

Video Editors

Video Editors take video footage, still imagery, graphics, music and other sound, and slice them and dice them into a finished product. These videos run the gamut from announcements to documentaries to ministry highlights. A working knowledge of NLE software is very important in this position (If you know what NLE means, you might just be a great candidate!).

Video Production Assistants

Video Production Assistants  assist during the production of videos. This can include helping to set up and tear down video and lighting equipment, capturing audio, scouting locations. This is a great entry level position for anyone wanting to grow in their video skills.

Web Video Camera Operators

Web Video Camera Operators operate one of the cameras at the rear of the auditorium during the videotaping of the weekend service. They are responsible for setting up and tearing down the video equipment and their talk-back communications through which they receive real time instructions from the Technical Director.

Web Video Technical Directors

The Web Video Technical Director is responsible for providing leadership to the Web Video Team during a weekend service videotaping. They also give direction to the camera operators to set up shots and they operate the switcher to switch between the various shots. They also interface with the Weekend Service Coordinator to to be knowledgeable about the various service elements for which they’ll need shots.

Web Video Editors

The Web Video Editor is responsible for editing the final video that will be viewed on the web. The editor adds a video title at the top of the video and removes certain video content which might violate fair use exemptions of the Federal Copyright Laws.

Web Video Upload Technicians

The Web Video Upload Technician is responsible for taking the final video and assuring that it is properly uploaded and embedded for playback on the Lake City website.

Social Media Assistant

Assist in posting to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and writing blogs.  Experience in working with business/fan page required.  Must work one on one with Communications director.

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