James & Sallee Conn

Jim and Sallee have one adult son, Ryan, who was raised as a missionary kid in the Kingdom to Tonga, South Pacific.   Ryan and his wife are parents of two children.  Since 1998 James & Sallee have been working to enhance the life quality, ministry effectiveness, and longevity of missionaries in the Asia Pacific region and around the world.

Asia Pacific Region

  • includes Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Mongolia, Myanmar and Korea

Mission Focus: To enhance the LIFE QUALITY, MINISTRY EFFECTIVENESS, and LONGEVITY of vocational ministry personnel.  

  • We believe that God loves those He sends as much as those to whom He sends them.
  • The outcome of facilitating missionary wholeness is more effective ministry and greater harvest.
  • Last year they ministered to 135 hurting missionaries from 35 countries.
  • Meet with missionaries and pastors who visit their Kirkland, WA office to receive support and encouragement.
  • Upon invitation, they travel internationally to provide proactive teaching in order to assist missionaries in maintaining and increasing their emotional, spiritual, relational, and physical health.
  • They teach at seminaries in Asia, training local pastors and missionaries.