In the beginning….God created. When we open the Bible, this is the very first sentence that we read. This means that God is creative.  When we read on further…. we see that God created man in His own image. This means that we are creative too!

Isn’t it interesting that in the beginning of our lives, as children, we were so engaged in creativity, using our imaginations for just about everything we did. We colored rainbows, sang songs, painted beautiful masterpieces. We even built entire cities using rocks, sticks and Legos!  Unfortunately, as we grow older, we take on responsibilities that may not allow the same creative outlet that we once had – or convince ourselves that we are not very creative…..but that’s not true!

At Lake City, we want to provide opportunities for you to engage your creativity and impact lives while serving others!   Come discover creative opportunities like Web design, Video, Multimedia Production, Lighting, Sound, Music, Stagecraft…just to list a few.

There are so many ways to engage your creativity!

Exploring Creativity,
Arts and Media

Tuesday, October 18th

Lake City Auditorium



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