A Way Forward


Help for people dealing with chronic illness and pain

A Way Forward topics include:

  • Adjusting thoughts about pain.
  • Raising pain tolerance levels.
  • Retraining the brain’s emotional pain labels.
  • Wellness practices to increase the body’s ability to manage pain.
  • Visualizing control over pain.
  • Ways to avoid increasing pain.


    Dr. Joe Abate

    Dr. Joe Abate, Chief Medical Officer of Heritage Health, which has established a Pain Management Clinic, caring for hundreds of patients dealing with chronic pain. Dr. Abate says, “With the right approach, many patients have seen a dramatic improvement with reduction or even discontinuation of their medications.”

    Dr. David Wait

    Dr. David Wait, Director of Mental Health at Heritage Health, plays an active role in helping people deal with chronic pain. Dr. Wait trained in psychiatry and is board certified. He served as Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. He has been involved in Mental Health development and treatment in Arkansas, and since 2002, in Coeur d’Alene.

    Ron Weaver

    Ron Weaver has dealt with chronic pain related to a health condition for 25 years. His own personal struggles led him to begin a peer counseling program, dedicated to helping people who share his pain management challenges.Ron is a certified addiction coaching trainer and counselor.