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We are Made for Change

2 Corinthians 3:18 says the Christ-follower is being transformed into the likeness of Jesus. Yet, we often find ourselves exhibiting unwanted behaviors. No matter how hard we try, these behaviors sabotage relationships and rob us of peace.


Genesis Process for Change groups help participants find out what’s broken and why they do the very things they don’t want to do in spite of negative consequences. They explore and gain understanding of why people react in ways that “are not me!” Participants identify core issues underlying behaviors they want to change. Genesis groups are non-judgmental, confidential environments where people take practical steps of faith to gain and apply understanding in order to create real, lasting life changes.


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More About Genesis Process


When I was introduced to Genesis, I was going to work on “nagging my husband.” It was a problem in my marriage of 32 years, and one I really hated but couldn’t seem to stop doing. What I discovered was that I have been a “rage-aholic” most of my life. The tools learned in this class have set me free from uncontrollable anger, and I have peace for the first time in my life.  Anne

With the Genesis Process Change Group work and the safe relationships developed within the class, I am trusting God and others more and finding freedom from repetitive unhealthy behaviors.  Thank God!     Frances

The Genesis Process has helped me understand myself on a whole new level.  I’ve learned how to identify what’s driving my life-controlling habits.  Through the accountability and support that Genesis provides, I’ve discovered how to be free from those habits.  And now I am building healthy habits and helping others do the same.      Rick

The Genesis Process delivered me from a life long habit of self gratification that had been a closely guarded ‘secret’ involving a great deal of shame.  I learned why it became a habit and was set free.  I’m eternally grateful!   Sue

Through the Genesis Process, I learned that my “button” wasn’t always pushed by the person standing in front of me.  It can be pushed by my body’s habit of protecting me.  I learned to find the original cause/wound and with the help of the Genesis Process, the ladies in my group and God, I started to heal.   DeDe

My procrastination was nearly paralyzing my personal life. I never put things off in my work life, but at home it was a different story. The Genesis tools helped me understand that my procrastination was really the other side of a coin called “control”. I discovered that I felt out of control in my personal life and my defense was to “freeze” or shut down. I have learned to challenge my fears and to allow God to be the one in control of my life.  Julie

Co-dependency is complicated. With the tools of the Genesis Process along with support of the group, I’ve come to recognize that my reactions are based on guilt, fear and the lack of trust in God. Understanding the difference between saying I trust God and letting go of the need to control outcomes are very different. Now as I to choose to trust God with my fears, I am experiencing a peace that I didn’t know was possible.  Janeen

Part 1 of Genesis Process

Part 1 of the Genesis Process focuses on understanding and healing wounds from relationships that are driving forces behind self-destructive behavior. Through self-evaluation and a safe environment, participants will gain understanding of why we do the very things we don’t want to do.  After completing the foundational concepts and tools from Part 1, the participant will be prepared to do the deeper healing work in Part 2.

Part 2 of Genesis Process

Part 2 of the Genesis Process provides proven principals and tools of obtaining lasting personal change. Participants learn the behaviors they struggle with are symptoms of subconscious fear. Fear is overcome by faith, and faith requires risk. Subconscious fears are located deep within the heart and were caused by people you trusted who hurt you. Part 2 focuses on exposing and healing heart wounds, which brings freedom from destructive coping behaviors.