Kids Quest

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Kids Quest

Lake City Kids is here to create a fun and safe environment for kids to Discover God, Connect with others and Serve the World!

Why Kids Quest?

This time, between first and third grade is a very formative time in a child’s life. It has been shown that by the time a child is 10 or 11 years old, they will already have a firm grip on their faith. Kids Quest really helps kids connect the dots between what God’s Word says and how they can live out their faith. Kids Quest is here to partner with parents in helping their early elementary school kids become fully devoted followers of Christ.

What about check-in?

We know how much the kids like to, and even know how to complete this process; however, to ensure that we maintain the highest levels of security for your kids, we ask that you perform the check-in each weekend. Each time you check your kids in, please take a moment and verify the following:

1. Contact information is current (address & phone info)
2. Your (the parent) location during service
3. Your child’s correct grade/age/classroom
4. This is the information we use in the event we need to locate parents, or if we have an emergency.

Note: In case of an emergency evacuation, please do not pick up your kids in their classroom. Teachers will take your kids to the safe location in the field north of the church building. Once all kids are accounted for, they will be released to parents following regular check-out procedures.

Who will be interacting with my kids?

Every adult volunteer (18 and over) in our services has had an extensive background check done. Every student volunteer can only serve if they have a recommendation from a pastor and have been interviewed by our Kids Ministry Director. We don’t mind parents joining us, in fact, we encourage it! The only people, however, that can interact directly with other kids are those who have gone through the volunteer application and background check process. If any of this seems a bit too strict, please keep in mind that we care deeply about the safety of your kids, and we strive to make a safe place for them.

What happens in Kids Quest?

We know that the typical answer you receive from your kids when you ask them what they learned is, “Nothing.” We try to make every moment we have with your kids fun, exciting, and purposeful. We want them to walk away with something more to say than just, “Nothing,” and our service format helps us engage the kids at their level. All of our lessons are delivered in an interactive and fun way. The lessons are focused on life issues that kids deal with everyday and are applicable to their lives.

We have a worship time to engage our heart toward God prior to jumping into our weekly lesson. This time gives an opportunity to worship God through song in a fun and meaningful way. After our lesson and worship time, we will move into our life groups where the kids will go to their grade-appropriate groups. It is in life groups, that true friendships are formed and kids really begin to engage in discovering God. After our life groups are finished, we will have a review game to help the kids remember the lessons and their memory verses.

Your kids will be given a take-home sheet every week that we encourage you as a parent to help them with, in order to engage in more spiritual conversations throughout the week. If they complete the sheet and bring it back the following week with your signature, we will give them 5 Bible Bucks that they can save and spend in our Bible Bucks Store.

If you have any questions or concerns, or are interested in volunteering in Kids’s Ministry, please contact our Kids Ministry Director, Jake Nelson at (208) 676-0632.