Life Group Serve Guidelines

Every semester, Lake City Life Groups complete a serve project together. What follows are guidelines for your group in administrating your serve project

  1. Prayerfully consider how your group can best reach beyond your group to the community or individuals you know of who are in need. For a list of community organizations your group may partner with, contact Kathi Abate at 676-0632 or
  2. Over 100 Life Groups have currently served our community in a meaningful way. Because of the overwhelming number of projects being executed, we are unable to promote Life Group serve projects during the weekend services or in the weekend publication.
  3. We strongly discourage Life Groups from engaging in fund raising. We want the serve focus to be on giving rather than being perceived as “asking for something” from individuals in the community. We encourage groups to find a need and meet that need in a tangible way apart from raising funds for the organization or individual.
  4. Your group may join with other Life Groups to form a larger serve impact if the goal of the serve project would be more successfully accomplished. (One option might be to organize a team serve project at your team huddle)
  5. Lake City’s Church LOGO should not be used on any Life Group material intended for public distribution without prior approval. Please submit any request for use to Scott McNiel
  6. Lake City Serve Grants: Local Serve Grants are designated for Life Groups to use for a local serve project. These grants are intended to help groups accomplish a project that will require some hands-on work, as well as a few dollars for materials. Below are the criteria for a Life Group to get approval for a local serve grant:
    1. The project involves hands-on serving by the Life Group members …. Not just giving money away.
    2. The project meets a need of a family, individual, or non-profit agency in our local community.
    3. All aspects of the project and how it is accomplished are honoring to God.
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