Merge is a place where 4th-5th grades can find a place of their own where they will be able to grow in their relationships with others and with God.

Why Merge?

Merge is a place where student’s can find a place of their own where they will be able to grow in their relationships with others and with God. Through worship, the message and Life groups, your students will experience community, spiritual growth and move one step closer to become a fully devoted followers of Christ

What about check-in?

We know how much the kids like to, and even know how to complete this process; however, to ensure that we maintain the highest levels of security for your children, we ask that you perform the check-in each weekend. Each time you check your child in please take a moment and verify the following:

1. Contact information is current (address & phone info)
2. Your (the parent) location during the weekend gathering
3. Your child’s correct grade/age/classroom
4. This is the information we use in the event we need to locate parents, or if we have an emergency.

Note: In case of an emergency evacuation, please do not pick up your child in their classroom. Teachers will take your child to the safe location in the field north of the church building. Once all children are accounted for, they will be released to parents following regular check-out procedures.

Who will be interacting with my child?

Every adult volunteer (18 and over) in our gathering has had an extensive background check done. Every student volunteer can only serve if they have a recommendation from a pastor and have been interviewed by our Children’s Pastor. We don’t mind parents joining us, in fact, we encourage it! The only people, however, that can interact directly with other kids are those who have gone through the volunteer application and background check process. If any of this seems a bit too strict, please keep in mind that we care deeply about the safety of your children, and we strive to make a safe place for them.

What happens in Merge?

When a 4th-5th grader walks in the door to Merge, they will find a room set up with games and music and leaders available to make their experience fun and meaningful. They will be welcomed into a life group with other students the same age.

We will then shift gears to worship God through songs that are meaningful and relevant to students and leaders alike! Next we will sit to hear God’s word from the weekend speaker in the large group.

After Worship and large group message we go back into our Life Groups where we discuss the lessons and talk about how we apply it to our every day life!We can’t wait to meet you and hope to see you soon!

If you have any questions or concerns, or are interested in volunteering in Children’s Ministry, please contact our Children’s Director, Jake Nelson, at (208) 676-0632 or