We commissioned our designers to come up with a logo that presents Lake City Church as relevant, casual, fun, contemporary, youthful, open, loving, non-judgmental, service-oriented and generous. The logo design needs to appeal to mainly 26-to-45-year-olds and young families who are looking for a safe place to explore the claims of Christ, and who are interested in putting their faith in practice beyond the walls of the church building.
The key graphic element of this logo design consist of radiating circles made from a drop of water impacting the surface of water. The water drop and ripples have a very significant meaning. The water drop signifies God’s gift of eternal life (living water – John 4:10) and the church that embodies that gift. The ripples signify the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19 and the impact Lake City Church makes throughout the local community and the world. These ripples represent far-reaching service and generosity emanating from the heart of “living water”.
Using water as the symbolic element in this concept ties the design to Lake City Church and brings scriptural messages of living water, baptism and outreach to the mark without using common Christian symbols such as crosses, doves or fish. The logo concept is a visual picture of the Vision Statement of Lake City Church
“We exist to provide a safe place for people, no matter where they are on their spiritual journey, to DISCOVER God (living water), CONNECT with others in Christ-centered relationships (concentric rings) and to SERVE the world (the ripples moving out from the center).”
The water drop and the oval ripples quickly convey the intent of the concept.
The different font styles used in the logo design lends a casual, fun and open feel, while the blue and green color palette enhances the impression of water, life, hope and trust.