Opportunities For New Believers

Lake City Community Church is all about providing a safe place for people to explore the claims that Jesus made about himself. We welcome all people to join us in this exploration, no matter where they are on their spiritual journey.

When someone crosses the line of faith, it’s a celebratory moment! We want to help these new believers to discover and take their next steps on their journey of faith. These next steps might include being baptized, joining a Life Group and getting involved in serving others.

Starting Point

One of the most effective next steps we’ve found for new believers is Starting Point. Starting Point is an amazing
conversational environment for people who are at the front end of their journey, as well as those returning to faith. Even those who have not crossed the line of faith will find that many of their questions about Jesus and being a Christ-follower are answered. No question is off limits, and there are no stupid questions. Starting Point groups generally form three times yearly and meet in conjunction with our Life Group’s three semester system. Groups meet on the Lake City campus on Sunday mornings for 10 consecutive weeks.

Growing in Christ

Growing in Christ helps new believers to become acquainted with reading and understanding their Bibles, and seeing how Scripture can guide their lives. Like Starting Point, Growing in Christ groups meet on the Lake City campus for 13 weeks during a spring, fall or winter Life Group semester.

Upcoming Events

  • Baptisms – Are scheduled several times a year, including summer baptisms at Lake CdA.
If you’re interested in getting involved in one of these groups, or if you have a passion for seeing new believers grow in their relationship with Jesus, contact Tammy at tammyt@lakecitycc.org or (208) 676-0632.