Chris & Heather Schneider

Chris & Heather have 4 children–Nate (age 13), Aliana (age 10), Jonny (age 9) & Timothy (age 3). Nate is home-schooled while the rest attend a local Christian school.   It is a challenge for them being the only gringos in the area.

Jujuy (who-WHO-ee), Argentina

  •  They are 10 hours away from the closest US missionary
  • By name they are Catholic, but only 10 % attend
  • Quiet, subdued population with a culture of mysticism

Mission Focus: Working with Argentine pastors to plant more churches, reach the lost, train up leadership & repeat the process.

  • there are 3 Bible colleges where Chris is encouraging Bible students to church plant
  • there is only a small number of small A/G churches for the entire province and few ministry organizations other than the local church.
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  • Sending Agency: Assemblies of God World Missions